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Dutch Touch Soccer Tours offers youth football/soccer teams the best tailor- made tour, training & tournament packages on the market for all those keen on experiencing Dutch and German football up close. UEFA licensed top-level coaches give you quality instruction and the chance to test your skills and measure your team’s strength against Dutch and German youth teams. You can participate in international youth tournaments, while taking in some sightseeing in Europe along the way. These will be dreams come true if you sign up with Dutch Touch Soccer Tours. With a number of top-level coaches, Dutch Touch Soccer Tours offers the best soccer tour package on the market at an affordable price.

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Dutch Touch has been conducting tours since the mid eighties and has developed a reputation as a reliable and innovative first class tour organization, run by soccer people who know the culture and have a grass roots knowledge of both European and American soccer. The tours are well organized, and the staff is personable, professional and knowledgeable. In addition the tours allow participants an opportunity for independent growth that most of their peers have never had. On a cost/benefit analysis, the benefits far exceed the costs.

Klaas de Boer

The trip organized by Dutch Touch Soccer Tours featured a variety of activities and a wicked daily pace that kept everyone in constant motion. Jan Pruijn, the Dutch master of organization, put together an incredible itinerary that included a combination of soccer, culture, history and lifetime experiences that will be the talking point for years to come. It truly is an experience of a lifetime to be able to immerse into a different culture and experience life on different terms. The Dutch have a way of welcoming and treating their guests with the utmost of hospitality, and we experienced that many times over the course of our trip.

Terry Micher - Coach CBC High School, St Louis

Testimonial...”I have had the privilege of being part of several teams to visit Holland over the years. The cultural experience was fantastic, and the soccer experience was second to none. All of these trips were very organized, the soccer facilities were first class, accommodations very good, and the people very friendly. Jan and his organization leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Clyde Watson - Coach at Team America / Mclean Youth Soccer

The Munich tour was an amazing experience all around. The facilities, where the boys stayed and trained, were remarkable. The location was incredibly convenient and the accommodations were perfect for their purpose. The training and competition were challenging and the team building value was apparent from the outset.
The itinerary embodied the local Munich culture. The trip included cultural experiences that ranged from fun filled times at Allianz Arena to a deeply emotional tour of Dachau Concentration Camp. The activities included something for everyone and were planned at a pace that allowed the greatest number of events while not being over-planned and exhausting. 
The attention to detail and recognition of the diverse needs of the group were exceptional. The care taken to ensure the greatest Munich experience was impressive. The benefit of the Munich tour, gained by the players and coaches, reaches far beyond the soccer field.


The Barcelona trip was the second trip we have taken part in with Jan. It was First Class. We traveled with  our Travel Team U17. The soccer Training was first rate, the coaching with the Barcelona coaches was first rate. The games and their facilities were top notch. The competition was legit. We played downtown Barcelona and  played at a popular Beach Resort. The tour of Camp Nou and the opportunity to see Barcelona compete was a dream come true for all! Everyone enjoyed the shopping, eating and touring the city. The visit to Sagrada Familia was unforgettable. Very impressive! Jan does a very good job making sure all are happy and the soccer piece is very organized. We are currently planning our third tour with Jan as we speak for 2020.

Ted J. Nichols

Jan has been a part of our training program for six years. He has done three or four team camps at our Selma Field facility, and we have ventured to the Netherlands twice to experience Dutch culture, train, and play matches. I don’t think it’s just coincidental that we have won two state championships and qualified for a state final since beginning our work with Jan and his Dutch coaches. He and his staff have revealed the details necessary to be a successful player and team and provided methods for teaching those details—all of which involve the creation of a positive and fun soccer environment.

Tim Cashel - Varsity Head Coach at Webster Groves High School

Our host Jan Pruijn had everything and then some covered for us from tickets to matches to sightseeing in Amsterdam and Germany to training days. Our accommodations were excellent , and everything was extremely well organized . It was a truly a great experience and I would recommend any  futbol coach , player , or fan to make this trip to Holland . It was a wonderful opportunity to watch and learn the Dutch way of futbol and to a see and be part of a different culture of futbol . I am certainly incorporating the methods I saw and learned in all my training with my HS team at Chaminade College Preparatory School.
If you have a chance to participate in this Dutch opportunity I would not pass it up , I will make a return trip in the near future.

Mike "Vader" Gauvain - Head Futbol Coach at Chaminade College Preparatory School, St. Louis Missouri

I started to bring teams to Europe to participate in specific tournaments and, although these were great experiences, these were kind of fixed experiences centered around the tournament.
I met Jan Pruijn during this period and inquired about organizing tours that are tailor made for my specific needs. These needs have varied in the levels of competition from grassroots to top level based on the level of the touring group participating in the tour. The experiences have always been well rounded with football training sessions and matches, a variety of city and village visits, sightseeing, fun activities outside of football, one day and two day tournaments, visits to professional clubs to observe first team and youth training sessions as well as attending professional matches.
These tours have always been very well organized with regards to the football experience, accommodation, transportation all with very good support during our stay.
As well, the tours in Holland have also taken us to Germany and Belgium for football and sightseeing activities. Having taken teams to Europe every year since 1997 and with Jan Pruijn since 2000, I would recommend Jan Pruijn for any of your specific football tour needs.

Kenny Thompson - Technical Director BAA Bermuda